CLARITY - Cleansing Face Oil for Adult Acne


  • CLARITY - Cleansing Face Oil for Adult Acne
  • CLARITY - Cleansing Face Oil for Adult Acne

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Part of the Farm to Face collection, Clarity is a homegrown, handcrafted face oil for preventing and treating adult acne..

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  • Each bottle is a 30ml supply of CLARITY oil cleanser in a UV-protected dropper bottle.

  • CLARITY is a homegrown, handcrafted oil and a natural remedy for gently cleansing the skin naturally fighting acne and inflammation. 

  • This beauty oil is:

    - Vegan

    - Cruelty-Free

    - Homegrown and Handmade in Indiana

  • It is highly suggested that if you have not tried the oil cleansing method (OCM) before, you research it before starting. If you have not tried it before, consider implementing CLARITY as a pre-step to your regimen, and slowly weaning yourself off of acne products; it is not suggested to go "cold turkey".

    At night, before removing your makeup, apply 2 dropper vials of oil to finger tips. If the formulation is too viscous, you may cut it with organic jojoba oil or organic argan oil (not more than 50%). If you choose to cut it, apply 1 vial of CLARITY and 1 vial of oil together on the fingers. Warm between your fingers by rubbing the oil. Using your fingers, vigorously rub the oil into your face all over. You may gently scratch the skin with nails, to help remove dead skin. Massage into the skin for 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, use a gentle cleanser to remove the cleansing oil. If necessary, follow up with any prescribed acne treatments.

  • Ingredients: Jamaican Black Castor (Ricinus Communis) Oil, Organic Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Organic Sage (Salvia Sclarea) Extract.
  • For full research, click on the ingredient to link to the blog about the ingredient and its research: Sage.

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