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WINK Before + Afters

WINK customer before and after pictures and reviews

To see some of the best WINK results, turn to no other than our customers!
Here are the most helpful reviews of WINK that we have found online:


WINK Eyelash Testing

- Vanity 9 (Read Here!)
- The Naptime Reviewer (Read here!)
- Painted Ladies (Read Here)


WINK Eyebrow Testing

- Makeup Artist Angela J. (See here!)
- Jalea Nicole (Watch here!)

WINK Reviews

- Makeup Obsessed Mom (Read here)
- Jeans & A TeaCup (Read Here)
- NeverSayDieBeauty (Read Here)
- HoneyGirlsWorld (Read Here)
- Casual Contrast (Read Here)


The Creation of WINK 

- Story via the Grommet (Watch here!)

- In Megan's Words (Watch here)


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