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Our Creed and History

Our Mission

To solve the world's toughest beauty problems with real science, natural and organic ingredients.


Our Promise 

    We promise to always:

    • Treat our customers like family.
    • Educate and inform customers with factually correct information.
    • Do our best to ensure every order arrives on time and in good condition.
    • Pledge ourselves to continual improvement.
    • Seek the best natural and/or organic ingredients.
    • Listen to and incorporate our customers' feedback into our company standards and practices. 
    We promise to never:
    • Never use chemicals in our products known to cause cancer and other health or environmental problems.
    • Never use animal products in our products.
    • Never test our products on animals.
    • Never use ingredients known to cause harm to the environment.

    Our Story

       Founded in 2013 with a mission to solve the world's toughest beauty problems through real science & natural ingredients, our products enable your inner beauty to shine outwardly.
    We have grown our remedy-based skincare line from the ground up, intentionally choosing plants that heal, restore & rejuvenate. 
    Our products are made with care in small batches. We only use the highest quality ingredients in our completely organic line, which is free of carcinogens & other harmful ingredients.
    With us, you don't have to think too hard about it: you know our products are both good & good for you.
    I found Amalie as a consumer, when I purchased Wink to help with my thinning eyebrows. Like many of you, I have very sensitive skin and wanted to find a product that was both natural & effective. Wink not only stimulated new eyebrow growth, but also helped my eyelashes grow, too!

    Many people ask what the name Amalie means. The name is a German variant that means "work". To me that is the perfect name since our organic formulations really do work! We invite you to try & enjoy them just as we do.

    We are proud to be a business created & owned by strong women.

    Behold your own Beauty,

    Kristen Anderson



    It all started with a quest for a natural solution for eyelash growth.

    Back in 2013 Megan Cox was a college student at MIT. She was warned by her esthetician that she needed to take a break from her lash extensions. When the extensions came off Megan realized her eyelashes were just 1⁄3 the length they used to be.

    After 3 months of purchasing & trying every highly rated non-prescription lash enhancer product possible with no results Megan decided to create her own solution.

    2014: Wink is born

    Megan logged into “Web of Science” -- the research paper database at MIT -- & began researching what could help her eyelashes. After 6 months of personal testing, and 3 months of friends & family testing (with weekly check-ins and photos, albeit), she had the product: WINK.

    The Amalie Brand is created

    With a passion to solve beauty needs naturally the Amalie brand was developed. To better understand consumers beauty needs, Megan gathered input from her customers. To meet the challenge of skin brightening, Shine was created in 2015. To meet the needs of skin toning & soothing - Farm to Face launched in 2016. Rewind & Calm combine home grown infused dried ingredients hand selected for their healing properties. 

    Read more about the launch of our first product: Wink.


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