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Our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Every year, during the month of October, we go pink.

While WINK benefits so many, it turns out that some of our
 first customers were the ones who benefitted the most from a lash and brow enhancer: they were women who had just battled cancer. Chemotherapy had devastated their lashes and brows, changing the way their face looked, and the way they felt about their femininity.
My Goal is to reinstate that level of personal comfortability and confidence to every woman (and man) who has ever had to suffer through chemotherapy. It's a small, but meaningful gift, and a real way that we can give back.


During the month of October, for every bottle of WINK sold, we donate one to a cancer warrior, to help them regrow their lashes and brows, lost through chemotherapy.

In 2014, we made a difference in 850 lives. In 2015, we topped 1100. In 2016, we donated 1395 units together during October and 2,187 units total over the course of the year. We have donated more each year and expanded the program in 2018 to run in both September and October so we can give even more. Our partner charities say they need more: at least 2,500 units a year to reach every warrior that comes through their doors.


Join us in this worthy endeavor.


Starting October 1st at midnight EST, we turn pink. Claim your #PinkWink and show your support in our #BOGOforthecure campaign. You can find Pink WINK here starting October 1st.