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About Us

Flash back to 2013: Miguel and I are best friends at MIT. I'm a cheerleader and business student, he's a photographer and neuroscience geek. We're inseparable.


I had been receiving lash extensions for about a year, when one day my aesthetician told me I should "take a break". I had no idea what she was talking about. Once she removed my extensions and showed me my natural lashes, I freaked. 


My lashes were 1/3 of the length they used to be, and sparse as ever. I went from having unnaturally long and full lashes to... well.. this.


First order of business: I needed help. I logged onto Amazon and bought every highly rated non-prescription lash enhancer.


3 months later, after generous daily application, and I can see nothing. I'm so bummed.


Time for Plan B. I logged into "Web of Science"--the research paper database at MIT--and began researching what could help my eyelashes. 


6 months of personal testing, and 3 months of friends and family testing (with weekly check-ins and photos, albeit), I had my product.


With a lot of coaxing from my friends and a grand scraping-together of all my saved cash, I finally took the plunge and created my business. Thanks to Miguel's photography and design skills-did I mention he was one of the biggest "coaxers"?--we soon had a brand and an identity. We contracted a very small batch of bottles and mixed the formulation and filled the first bottles ourselves.


Finally, almost one year after my eyelash extension "break" started, we launched our first product: Wink.