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Double your star power with this duo. Grow longer, thicker lashes & brows and get glowing, brighter skin.

Dark circles, Sparse lashes, Uneven skin tone and Thinning Brows don't stand a CHANCE with this natural combo.

Brighten and even visage with SHINE, enhance lashes and brows with WINK. Expect great results all around.

This package contains:

  • One 2ml bottle of WINK 
  • One 10ml bottle of SHINE


Longer, Thicker Lashes!

I got longer and thicker lashers without chemicals. Kristen experienced lashes that were 14.3% longer and 20% more dense. She grew over 50 new eyelashes with Wink as well.

Kristen W

My Absolute Favorite!

I have been using SHINE for a while and notice a beautiful difference. My skin tone is more even and I am comfortable without makeup. 


REWIND is my new holy grail!

I love how nice and moisturized Rewind leaves my face using just a few drops. It absorbs completely and makeup applies nicely on top. I like to mix a drop with my foundation for a natural dewy finish.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kimberley Harris

The Shine oil is great! It smells amazing!

Wendy Van Buren
Love both products

Shine oil is delicious and helps my very dry Irish skin to be moisturized. Wink has truly increased the volume in my brows, eye lashes not as much but there is improvement. Consistency is key! I am 56 so any product that really does what it says is welcome. Too may claims out there that don’t live up to the hype. Gosh consumers hate to be lied to-Wendy

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review. We are too proud of our products and thrilled that they worked so well for you.
All the best,

Shine and Wink

I love this oil. My skin feels so much better and- it's not instant- but the "sun" spots are actually lightening up. Wink seems to work, too. My lashes are longer than ever. I don't see the them getting much thicker, but then again, it's not an over night process. Works well on brows, too. One more thing-customer service is amazing!


Lashes getting fuller! Complexion more even. Love the feel of my skin!

Linda Sherwood

Shine is fabulous. It does exactly what you created it to do. Any person who uses this must not use more than 1-2 fingertip drops. I always use blotting paper to check for excess oil. Wink is working well . Brows are regrowing well. BLOT! BLOT! BLOT! Great twosome. Greatful for your research!