Quick Tips for Regrowing Eyebrows

Written By Megan Cox - December 22 2014


February 19 2019

Dermalmd serum has definitely given me some regrowth on my eyebrows!!!!!!! I bought it just hoping and it has worked. This is the first product I have tried.

January 13 2018

The more time you spend on it, the better your eyebrows become.


November 11 2017

Oops,in the first line should read “skin” not sin!


November 11 2017

Hi Catherine,

Cut the ones that are sticking out close to the sin so that it is as dense as before without them “sticking out” . ?

January 11 2016


I am regrowing my eyebrows but many are sticking straight out (pointing forward). My eyebrows would be almost back to normal if it weren’t for these wierdo’s. Will they ever lie flat? I don’t see how they will change direction by like 90 degrees. Do they need to fall out first, and then the next hair grows in. The article says not to pluck hairs that stick out, but will they ever be ‘normal’. I’ve searched a bunch on the internet and there are many people with this problem but no one answers if they will ever lie flat again. There are just many pointers on using gel or hot spoons (lol) to get them to have a normal angle temporarily.

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