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Quick Tips for Regrowing Eyebrows

Megan Cox

Posted on December 22 2014

Did you once over pluck your brows? Were you a 90s gal, looking for those pencil thin eyebrows, and now regret picking up the tweezers? Regrowing eyebrows can feel like a long and difficult process. Here are a few quick tips to help you put down the tweezers and have enviously full brow.

Here's our rundown on the best quick tips to regrow those beautiful brows in a jiffy:

 Your Browspo: Quick Tips for Regrowing Brows

Quick Tip #1 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Stop Plucking or Waxing!

To grow brows that rival Cara Delevingne's, first you need to put down the tweezers! This may be the hardest step to regrowing your eyebrows. In the beginning, don't even pluck those stray hairs outside the brow line. After day 14, we'll give you permission, but only if you follow THIS Day 14 rule.

By halting your plucking or waxing habit, your allow your brow hairs time to grow back in a safe and friendly environment. Eventually, you will want to clear away the stray hairs, but in the first step, it is best to pack away the tweezers and not take them out until there has been ample brow growth.


Quick Tip #2 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Use a Brow Enhancer (like Wink)

Stopping to pull the hairs out may not be enough. If you started pulling at those hairs in bulk in the 90s (like we did, admittedly - it was en vogue!), then some of the hairs along the brow may be stuck in a dormant phase of hair growth.

To kick start hair growth, it is essential to use a brow serum, like WINK, to help push the hairs from a resting phase to an active growing phase.


Quick Tip #3 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Exfoliate 

Exfoliating the skin around the eyebrows can help to remove any dead skin, as well as help to bring hairs to the surface. Try using a toothbrush with soft bristles or a gentle brush to massage and exfoliate the brow area.  

Personally, I prefer a DIY coffee scrub over anything, because who doesn't love coffee? Be sure not to get it in your eyes. We all know how that's gonna feel.


Quick Tip #4 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Mix up your Diet

In derm terms, the best way to get the active ingredients to an area is to: inject, apply topically or ingest.

In brow terms, topically applying a hair restoration serum, like WINK, will definitely help your brows, but you're also going to want to take some vitamins to help complete the picture.

A diet rich in Omega fatty acids, Protein, Vitamin E, Biotin, Niacin and other B-complex vitamins promotes healthy brow growth.


Quick Tip #5 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Take Vitamins

Getting vitamins from your food is the best way for your body to absorb them, but that's not always easy. If you're afraid you're not getting enough vitamins for proper brow health, supplement with with any of the items mentioned in tip #4 for improved brow hair texture and growth. 


Quick Tip #6 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Break out the Concealer

Makeup can be an amazing tool, and in this case a psychological one: trick yourself into thinking the stray hairs aren't even there, by concealing them.

While waiting for brows to grow out, use concealer on stray hairs, rather than busting the tweezers back out. Keep the tweezers in the drawer, and use your concealer to hide the extra brow hairs, as well as create shape for the brows in transition. Ta-dah!


Quick Tip #7 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Get your Brow Fit on Fleek

Once your brows have finally made their comeback, it is important to shape them so that they best suit your face. Remember your brows are meant to frame your eyes, so they should fit with your eyes, but not necessarily with the matching eyebrow.

For the best tips on getting the right brow fit, read our blog here.


Quick Tip #8 for Regrowing Eyebrows: Use the Right Tools

When shaping your brows, the tools can make all the difference. Get angled tweezers with a fine slanted tip like these. It's worth the money for the added precision.

See a stray hair, or one that looks a little wonky? If you pluck it, you're removing it from your eyebrow completely, which may throw off your brow shape more than you think.

First, try trimming the hair to make it fit into the brow better. Using brow-sized scissors instead of regular-sized ones, will make a difference here! (But seriously.. how terrifying is it to think of using regular scissors that close to your eyes / lashes / brows?! Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it).

If that doesn't work, then resort to plucking out the stray hair. Don’t be afraid to use powders and gels to perfect brow shape.



Growing out your brows can feel like a long, excruciating process, but don’t lose sight of the goal. We all know how important brows are in today's society. 

Stylists and makeup artists recommend not plucking for a year (but who has that kind of self-control - I mean, really?).  If you follow these steps carefully - especially #2 - you should start to see brow growth in as little as two weeks. To avoid looking like a wooly mammoth in the in-between time, follow our 20% rule carefully (see Day 14 on our guide here) to be a "smart tweezer" during the regrowth period.


Try WINK today and take your first step towards the brows of your dreams.

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  • MirandaTy: September 13, 2019

    I have been using Careprost (same as Latisse, but a way cheaper) for about 2 weeks and I notice a dramatic difference in my eyebrows and eyelashes. If you’re curious I’ve got Careprost online. Just Google for this keyword * GETLASH247 * 👍 to find reliable source (way cheaper..) My eyebrows are definitely more filled in and darker (I have blond hair), the lashes are darker, longer and almost look as if I’ve got permanent eyeliner.

  • Laura: February 19, 2019

    Dermalmd serum has definitely given me some regrowth on my eyebrows!!!!!!! I bought it just hoping and it has worked. This is the first product I have tried.

  • Tabitha: November 11, 2017

    Oops,in the first line should read “skin” not sin!


  • Tabitha: November 11, 2017

    Hi Catherine,

    Cut the ones that are sticking out close to the sin so that it is as dense as before without them “sticking out” . ?

  • Catherine: January 11, 2016


    I am regrowing my eyebrows but many are sticking straight out (pointing forward). My eyebrows would be almost back to normal if it weren’t for these wierdo’s. Will they ever lie flat? I don’t see how they will change direction by like 90 degrees. Do they need to fall out first, and then the next hair grows in. The article says not to pluck hairs that stick out, but will they ever be ‘normal’. I’ve searched a bunch on the internet and there are many people with this problem but no one answers if they will ever lie flat again. There are just many pointers on using gel or hot spoons (lol) to get them to have a normal angle temporarily.

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