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Black Friday Sale: Preview

Megan Cox

Posted on November 18 2015

TL;DR Buy wink for yourself or you+a friend at a deep discount. Two days only. Quantities limited, then no more Wink until mid to late January, so don't miss out. Read below.


Hello Wink Fam!

Black Friday is just over a week away--a crazy consumer holiday coupled with limited quantities of Wink left in our inventory--so I wanted to clue you all in a little early to what's going on at Wink.

As you know, we just signed on with a new factory and will start delivering new Wink bottles in mid to late January. That hasn't deterred many of you from continuing to grow those lashes and brows.

We are currently running pretty low on inventory and expect to run out on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday (11/27 or 11/28). I still wanted to honor our tradition of offering a Black Friday sale and give you the opportunity to give Wink to a friend for the holidays. 

However, if you don't order one now, you're gonna be out at least 6 weeks.

That being said..

Last year's Holiday Sale was a huge hit, with 25% off all December long and free gift bags with every purchase. The previous year--our first year in business--we offered a massive discount: 4 bottles of Wink for $60, each with a coupon inside. The intention was that every one buy 4 so that they could give 2 or 3 out to friends. However, because we were such an early business, most of you hadn't even completed your first tube yet! It's difficult to endorse a product you haven't seen the full results of. 

For our third Black Friday sale, now that you've had some time to play around with the product, we're rewinding it back to our initial initiative for the holiday season: give Wink to yourself, give Wink to a friend.

We're offering 2 options in limited quantities:


1. Buy Wink for yourself ($25) 

That's 35% off the regular price, which is pretty awesome considering that we rarely discount Wink. In fact, haven't had a site-wide sale since last December. This is pretty straight-forward! No special gift-wrapping, just a discount. You can combine with another discount--especially awesome if you just received a 20% discount for your Amazon review. That puts Wink at $20/bottle for as many as you want to purchase. No limit, no shipping cost.


2. Buy Wink for yourself, Give Wink to a Friend ($30)

For just $5 more, you can opt to have Wink sent to a friend as well as yourself (That's a total discount of 50%!). The only difference is that your friend's Wink will come specially gift-wrapped and with an (optional) message from you. We have partnered with the Etsy store Shaylo & Lolli to create some beautiful gift wrapping. I won't show it here; don't want to ruin the surprise.

Again, super awesome if you have a special discount code like the recent Amazon review code. That would put your total at $24, with no additional shipping costs. Unfortunately, you can only use this offer once per checkout. If you need to purchase for more friends, you will need to go through the checkout process again.

To make the process super smooth, here's the steps you should follow (these will also be located on the Wink product page on Black Friday):

1. Include the friend's shipping address in the "Special Instructions" box in your cart, before checkout.

2. If you'd like to include a message on the holiday gift tag, please check the box labeled "Please include a gift message in this order" in your cart. Type your message in the text box below.

3. The gift will be shipped to your friend before Christmas day.


Here's my example below:



Alright now you know what's up - Set those calendars! We'll go live at Midnight EST on Black Friday. Quantities are extremely limited, so if we run out.. sorry that's all the Wink until we begin shipping again in mid or late January.

Hope you can snag one!





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  • Linda: January 27, 2016

    Have not been able to use Amazon code. Please email for review. Thank you

  • Rona Wright : November 22, 2015

    I have not received a special code from Amazon either. Any suggestions on how to get the code after filling out the survey?
    Thank you!!

  • Pat Stackhouse: November 20, 2015

    I also am in the same boat. I never received the code from my amazon review.

  • Megan Cox: November 19, 2015

    Both emailed with codes! Thanks for letting me know. If I missed anyone, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  • Norma: November 19, 2015

    I also completed a survey at amazon but was never given a code. How do I get it?

  • Sharon Todd: November 19, 2015

    I completed a survey a short time ago but was never able to access my discount code…can you help? I would like to order a tube now with the discount mentioned.

  • Sharon Todd: November 19, 2015

    I completed a survey a short time ago but was never able to access my discount code…can you help? I would like to order a tube now with the discount mentioned.

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