Final Update: Wink Packaging

Written By Megan Cox - November 13 2015


Megan Cox
November 29 2015

Thank you everyone! I’m sad to see the name Wink go too, but at least we can keep it for the product name.

@Martha the eye cream is hopefully going to be ready in the late spring. It all depends on financing, but I’m going to make it happen. Hoping the hard work pays off too!

November 24 2015

I am thrilled with the name change. It is just as cute as the movie of a similar name “Amelie” …. so very chic! I think all of the new directions, packaging and all the thought, time and intention you have put into your work will pay off. You certainly have an eye (!) for this type of entrepreneurial-ism.I think the Indy Star should be interested in a follow up story! That’s how many of us found you in the first place. BTW, I had to cut back on the product on my brows because they got too long!!!
I can’t wait for the eye cream. I miss it!!! What is your ETA with it?
Happy holidays to you Megan…With a wink and a nod!!!

November 20 2015

Oh my gosh….this is all so exciting! I am a little sad about the name Wink…however, you explained your reasons very well and I’m all for it. Welcome, to the world, Amalie Beauty!!!

Karen Kordonowy
November 19 2015

So excited to hear of all the new changes! Am very excited for your growing company. I only use all natural products so am very excited to have found WINK and it works!

November 19 2015

This is great news, Megan! You took a great product and made it better:))

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