Bottle Testing Results! + Open Voting

Written By Megan Cox - October 15 2015


October 24 2015

Love “A” because it works well on the eyelids and the eyebrows. The brush is easy to control.

October 22 2015

Love A. Very easy to use at the lash line and on the eyebrows.

October 22 2015

TIP A – hands down!

October 22 2015

Love A!

.KayKarol Horse Capture
October 22 2015

Tip A really works for me. Very precise

October 22 2015

Tip B – the brush is too hard to apply to the eyelash area

Sara Culvahouse
October 22 2015

B tip please. I miss the original tip because it seems to be easier to control.

October 22 2015

A’s texture is so soft on my delicate skin…I love it!

October 22 2015

Prefer the slanted tip. Easier to see how much is on the tip.

Barbara Trulock
October 16 2015

I prefer the slant tip – it seems to give me more control than the brush. So glad you are also addressing the leakage issues – I always used the leaked product on my eyebrows but felt it was a waste. Keep up the solid good work.

October 16 2015

Definitely tip A! Could never really make tip B work correctly.
So excited you have found the answer to the pen problem!!
Welcome home!! So happy to see your smiling face!! :)

October 15 2015

I love tip A – it’s my understanding that the inconsistent flow was not the fault of the tip, but rather, the bottle. I think tip A is soft and glides smoothly. It also allows me to turn it to get a thin application too.

Kathy S
October 15 2015

Tip A please!

October 15 2015

Really wish this was a mascara-like brush. That’s what I thought when ordering it. I would like to return, I have a hard time using this felt-tip thingy.

Susan Wilkinson
October 15 2015

i always liked the slanted tip. Good to see your face and here your voice on the video. We miss you.

October 15 2015

Slanted tip!!!! My brush tip ended up getting stiff and had a greater chance of poking me in the eye.

October 15 2015

I love the A tip! It seems to go on smoother for me than the original slanted tip applicator bottle.

October 15 2015

Definitely B!
The brush applicator is imprecise for lash line and (at least currently) applies too much or too little. I will anxiously await the new bottle and applicator before buying again.
The product itself is wonderful!!!

October 15 2015

Loved seeing how you measured the effectiveness of each bottle. I’ve only used the paintbrush tool which works fine for me. I love your product, customer service and engagement with us. Keep up the great work and Thank You!!!

Terry A Zimmermann
October 15 2015

I don’t know how I compare to others using the product but personally, I like the original slanted tip because the brush sometimes puts too much on my lash line and it gets in my eyes and I don’t like that. Just my personal preference.

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