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Why Do You Share (What You Share) With Your Best Friends?

Megan Cox

Posted on May 26 2015

TL;DR You get $10 off when your friends do.

And if you TL;DR'd this blog, you missed out on some seriously awesome entertainment below.



Wink Family: let's have a talk.

Update: I wrote this on my first day back in the US, at 4am, in an Oakland AirBnB and would've LOVED to release it right then and there (impulsiveness is my strong suit, if you didn't know already), but unfortunately the big reveal (below) took some more testing..womp, womp. ANYWAY.. I will proceed.

Over the past two years, I have received countless emails that either begin or end in "I tell everyone I know about Wink." 

I cannot tell you how much I freaking love this. This is the reason I get up in the morning. The reason I keep trudging along. I don't care about a product--if this was about selling a product just to make money I would've thrown in the towel a long time ago. Creating a cosmetic brand (or fashion brand, or any brand for that matter) is extremely expensive and time-consuming, and frankly, a constant uphill battle.

Ok, so you share Wink with your friends. The what is great, but it still doesn't answer one question: Why?

When one of you emails me and tells me "I tell everyone I know about Wink," it's usually followed by "because of how it's changed my life". 


Wink has made a positive difference in your life. Whether its by boosting your confidence, regrowing lashes or brows that have said adios a long time ago, or a number of other reasons--Wink has helped you regain a slice of femininity. That's why you're telling your friends. That's what Wink did for me. That's why I wake up in the morning...or often 4 in the morning. That's why I keep filing doing paperwork and filing taxes, and doing all the mundane tasks in running a business, long after the initial buzz of creating a product has faded.  It's because Wink is still making a difference in some peoples' lives. I don't know how many! I only know when you tell me. But it's enough to keep Wink going.

So what have I done when you've said that you tell everyone you know?

I say thank you. I say great! I say please keep doing this, because it's all that we have. 

(No, but seriously, as a business, it is all that we have.)

Sometimes you say "What else can I do?" as if you owe anything to Wink or me personally--I promise you that you do not. 

Sometimes we come to some crazy idea together of how Wink can fit into your life and you can help us make Wink better. If that's what you want, I will always drink way too much coffee with you (or over Skype with you!) and throw around those ideas. You, my customers, are all that I have.

This week, I've been thinking, Thank you is great. I say it all the time, and I mean it. But I think it's time to say thank you to my most loyal, positive word of mouth spreading customers, in a tangible way. I still love the emails (please don't stop sending them!) and the crazy Skype sessions (please don't stop accepting my requests!), but I want to do something real to help you feel the love.

So this is it: 

(drumroll, please...)

We're helping you share Wink with your friends, and you'll get a kickback in the process. You get $10 off when they get $10 off. Awesome, right?!

It works like this:

Step 1: When you purchase Wink, you will receive an email that looks like this:


Ok.. easy so far.


Step 2: Copy and paste (cntl+c, cntrl+v) that link ANYWHERE YOU WANT!



Shout it from the mountaintops!!




...or just email it TO the mountaintops.. your choice, really.







..or just post it on Facebook like a normal person.



Step 3: Sit back and reap the rewards.






Just click on this link RIGHT NOW to sign up and get started. No purchase required.

 Same result.



Oh, and FYI, discounts are applied HERE at checkout.

I almost missed it when I checked out, today! Oops..


God speed, Wink Family. Share the wealth.

Thank you for everything.





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